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Kyle Brooks, LLC

Welcome to Heartfelt Shiatsu.  I provide private sessions in:

  • Shiatsu, CranioSacral and reflexology in Columbia and Bowie
  • Therapeutic massage, reflexology and table shiatsu at Nourishing Journey and Sapphire Salon in Columbia

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in registering for workshops or scheduling a private session in shiatsu or reflexology.

Wishing you enough,
Kyle Brooks, LLC
Therapeutic Massage, Shiatsu, CranioSacral Therapy, and More…
MD Licensed Massage Therapist M05221
Certified Integrative Reflexologist®

Shiatsu Private Session

A private session is a profound experience.  As a receiver you will find it both relaxing and rejuvenating; tensions will melt away. My goal in working with you is to bring your awareness to your body, mind and spirit – where you are holding tensions.  Your awareness is the single most important step toward letting go and resolving your chronic discomforts.

Restore the Balance of Energy
and get Relief from the Symptoms of Stress

Reflexology Private Treatment

A reflexology treatment is a deeply relaxing experience; and can improve circulation, immune function and structural alignment of the body. Babies and children also benefit from stimulation on the feet as it can be helpful for colic, sinus congestion, constipation, relaxation; even ADD (attention deficit disorder) has been reduced.

‘Bring the Feet to Life, and the body will follow.’
Claire Marie Miller – 1993
Founder of Integrative Reflexology®